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Deanna Pierson approached me as a potential clothing manufacturer for my product. She told me everything I wanted to hear and was a great *** artist. She sent me a contract for a certain amount of pieces to be produced. The rate was good and she was extremely confident that my product would be totally within her and her workers' skill sets to manufacture at her sewing plant, Mills of Gold. She said she owned a location, Mills of Gold in Kansas, and was looking to open another location in Tenessee. She said she was aggressively perusing contracts so that she could fill the schedule of the new location in Tenessee. I signed a contract and paid her money. I sent her my materials. I have gotten excuse after excuse from her and never anything else. She is now completely avoiding my attempts at communication. I have since talked to several other people who have gone through the same thing with Deanna Pierson saying she will manufacture their products, taking money, and never producing anything. One lady I spoke with had we materials ransomed when she told Deanna she was no longer going to work with her. Another lady I spoke with was just realizing she had been scammed and being told by Deanna that Deanna was filing bankruptcy and was going out of business at the SAME time that Deanna was signing a contract with me.

One customer of Deanna's (lets call her cutomer 1) told me that Deanna sold her fabric to another customer (let's call this customer 2). So customer 2 beeds a certain fabric. Deanna says she knows where to get it. Deanna sells customer 1's fabric to customer 2 and even charges shipping for it. There is so much more to this story and there are many stories.

So, Deanna Pierson is a ***. I want to put information on the Internet about her and her business, Mills of Gold, so that no one else will get conned by her. I believe she should be in jail, since she has conned people all over the US. There are multiple lawsuits against her, including one that just got settled between her and the employees that she fired and never paid this past Spring.

Please do not get involved with this woman. She will *** you. Her business has foil covering the insides of the windows. She is NOT legit.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

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